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03.06.2017: TEDxSofia — June 5, 2017
TEDxSofia 2017: Програма — May 30, 2017

TEDxSofia 2017: Програма

TEDxSofia 2017 ще се проведе на 03.06.2017 г. в Дом на киното (ул. “Екзарх Йосиф” 37, София) и през целия ден ще си говорим за “ПРЕДИ и СЛЕД”.

В 10 часа ще започне регистрацията на място за всички, които са закупили билети, а на сцената ще излязат 11 лектори на живо, които ще споделят своите идеи и преживявания.



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TEDxSofia 2017 — May 5, 2017

TEDxSofia 2017


TEDxSofia се завръща с пълна сила!


Събитието ще се проведе на 03.06.2017, от 11:00 до 18:30 ч. в Дома на киното (ул. “Екзарх Йосиф” 37, София), а темата е “Преди и След”. Регистрацията на присъстващите ще започне от 10:00 часа.

Билетите вече са в продажба и можете да намерите информация за закупуването им тук, а съвсем скоро ще обявим и кои ще са лекторите на #TEDxSofia2017.

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28.04.2017: TEDxSofiaLive — May 2, 2017
TEDxSofiaLive: Agenda for the day — April 25, 2017

TEDxSofiaLive: Agenda for the day

TEDxSofiaLive will took place on 28th of April, 2017 in House of Cinema – Sofia and this will be the program for the day:


Please see below for details about the streaming TED sessions:

Wednesday, April 26, Session 6: Planet, Protection

Hosted by Chris Anderson

Kristin Poinar: Glaciologist
Kate Marvel: Climate scientist
Danny Hillis: Computer theorist
Tim Kruger: Geoengineering researcher
Daan Roosegaarde: Artist
Peter Calthorpe: Urban designer
David Titley: Meteorologist
Ted Halstead: Policy entrepreneur, climate expert, author

Thursday, April 27, Session 8: Bugs and Bodies

Hosted by Chris Anderson

Robert Sapolsky: Neuroscientist, primatologist, writer
Jun Wang: Genomics researcher
Anne Madden: Microbial researcher
David Brenner: Radiation scientist
Levon Biss: Photographer
Mehdi Ordikhani-Seyedlar: Neuroscientist
Richard Browning: Founder, Gravity
Elizabeth Blackburn: Molecular biologist

More information you can find here: https://ted2017.ted.com/program

!! Please keep in mind that the streaming sessions could change because of organizer’s decision, quality of the streaming, and reasons beyond our control !!

Murielle Marie @ TEDxSofiaLive — April 14, 2017
Hadas Shabat @ TEDxSofiaLive — April 13, 2017
Jan B. Andersen @ TEDxSofiaLive — April 12, 2017
TEDxSofiaLive — April 1, 2017


On the 28th of April we will mix three live speakers with streaming from the TED2017 conference.

During TEDxSofiaLive we will listen to talks only in English. That’s why all our posts about TEDxSofiaLive 2017 will be in English.
TEDxSofiaLive is centered around the live webcast of the official TED2017  Conference – The Future You.

The TEDxSofiaLive event is a great way to bring our TEDx community together through a live broadcast of the official TED Conference and live speakers. That is a way to prepare ourselves for the TEDxSofia event, which will follow soon.

Please, get ready to immerse yourself in new ideas, challenging topics, and probing questions — all in real time. Keep an eye for the registration and tickets here and on Facebook