TEDxSofia 2019 представя: Галина Риом–Ройбек

Родена в България, носеща българско име, но израснала в Дания, Galina Ryom-Røjbek (Галина Риом–Ройбек) е световен юнисайкъл шампион в няколко дисциплини, създател на първия у нас клуб по юнисайкъл, цирков артист и един от инициаторите на “Социален цирк”. И ако последното звучи объркващо, но и релевантно за ситуацията в страната, то не се подвеждайте. “Социален цирк” е част от проекта Mini Art Festival, който има за цел да представя циркови артисти от страната и чужбина в контекста на градската среда. Освен това често използва похватите на цирковото изкуство за приобщаване на хора в неравностойно положение.

И ако все още не можете нагледно да си представите какво означава съвременен цирков артист, бихме добавили в урбанистична обстановка, умело балансиращ на едно колело, то вижте видеата на Галина тук.

Сигурни сме, че на 13 април ще чуем от нея невероятни истории за човешката метаморфоза. Елате и вие в Rainbow Plazza. Струва си!

*Галина е единственият лектор на TEDxSofia 2019, който ще споделя идеи на английски без симултанен превод, затова и отговорите ѝ на нашите въпроси са на английски език.

TEDxSofia: If we meet for the first time how will you describe yourself?

Galina: Hi, my name is Galina, I am a contemporary circus artist graduated from the modern circus school AFUK in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Yes, I am Danish with a Bulgarian name. I was born in Bulgaria and adopted to Denmark.

TEDxSofia: What kind of person did you use to be 10 years ago?

Galina: I was a young hardworking athlete in the extreme sport of unicycle, very competitive and a girl with muscles everywhere, compared with today.

TEDxSofia: What kind of person do you want to be in 10 years?

Galina: I hope to still be delivering high-level modern circus performances and perhaps to see a dream come true, to be training kids and young adolescents in the first social and contemporary circus building in Bulgaria.

TEDxSofia: Do you believe people change?

Galina: Yes, I do.  I am a very observative person, and I see very fast when people change. Through my work, I experience so much the change of people to a better of them.

TEDxSofia: What is the biggest metamorphosis you have ever witnessed?

Galina: My change from being a circus artist performing for the people, to now working with people to have the same performing possibilities.  

TEDxSofia: Why did you accept to be TEDxSofia speaker?

Galina: I like to challenge myself, or at least to say „yes“ to the challenges, and then overcome them.

TEDxSofia: What is it that you want to share with the audience?

Galina: A brilliant contemporary balance act. The story of my life. The work from my heart, the project Social Circus for Bulgaria by the Mini Art Foundation.  

TEDxSofia: The government in Bulgaria is often called “circus”. Why do you think this word is offensive here? Is it the same in Denmark?

Galina: Circus started with a group of every possible existence, at that time the people from the cities went to the field where the circus stopped, one could see the bearded lady, the world’s fattest man, or a dwarf.

Cirque de Soleil from Quebec, Canada was among those who started the new wave of circus (modern circus) in the early eighties, instead of the traditional circus with a thrill, animal and clown numbers.

Nowadays, circus is also called „new-circus“ or „contemporary circus“ where art now has many types of expressions and where it is more about telling a story or a message through a circus discipline. Today, society and political topics are also part of a show.

I don’t take it offensively with the word circus being used to denote a government in chaos, because I know that the circus they run has nothing to compare with ours. Pretty short, Yes it is the same in Denmark!

Our circus has something to do with people, something good for them, something with equality and cohesion.

TEDxSofia: Self-confidence is…?

Galina: Is one of the greatest challenges in life is to be yourself in a world that’s trying to make you to be like everyone else.

TEDxSofia: What person prefers unicycle instead of a bicycle?

Galina: People who want to challenge themselves, explore the world in a new
and free way.