TEDxSofia 2018: Програма

Ето и по каква програма ще се движим на 14.04.2018 година! Ако издадем всичко, все пак ще развалим изненадата, а искаме присъстващите максимално да се насладят на деня. Така че ще се разбере на място в Дом на киното-София конкретно какво предстои в съботния ден! ❌


TEDxSofiaLive: Agenda for the day

TEDxSofiaLive will took place on 28th of April, 2017 in House of Cinema – Sofia and this will be the program for the day:


Please see below for details about the streaming TED sessions:

Wednesday, April 26, Session 6: Planet, Protection

Hosted by Chris Anderson

Kristin Poinar: Glaciologist
Kate Marvel: Climate scientist
Danny Hillis: Computer theorist
Tim Kruger: Geoengineering researcher
Daan Roosegaarde: Artist
Peter Calthorpe: Urban designer
David Titley: Meteorologist
Ted Halstead: Policy entrepreneur, climate expert, author

Thursday, April 27, Session 8: Bugs and Bodies

Hosted by Chris Anderson

Robert Sapolsky: Neuroscientist, primatologist, writer
Jun Wang: Genomics researcher
Anne Madden: Microbial researcher
David Brenner: Radiation scientist
Levon Biss: Photographer
Mehdi Ordikhani-Seyedlar: Neuroscientist
Richard Browning: Founder, Gravity
Elizabeth Blackburn: Molecular biologist

More information you can find here: https://ted2017.ted.com/program

!! Please keep in mind that the streaming sessions could change because of organizer’s decision, quality of the streaming, and reasons beyond our control !!